Canteen Management

Snehapadma's other products involve direct interface with employees and visitors. e.g. Time Office, Access Control, Visitor Management. Another application area which involves direct employee and visitor interaction in an organization is canteen. The Snehapadma Canteen Management system involves a kiosk which is authenticated by Visitor or Employee by Card or Fingerprint. This causes menu shown to the user. User selects the menu depending on business conditions set. The amount is deducted from Smart Card or back-end database for the menu he has chosen, or is simply recorded for future use. A receipt (or coupon) is printed than can be given to the caterer by employee to avail the services.


    • Touchscreen kiosk
    • Authentication by Card or Fingerprint
    • Thermal Printer
    • Integration with Payroll possible
    • Customization menu


    • Reduces time in canteen figure reconciliation
    • No need for caterer to change the process (He still gets coupons)
    • Brings in efficiency in canteen operations
    • Can use the same mechanism for authentication as used for attendance