Supports time events in/out, breaks, site travels and off site work. Has manpower planning, shift, overtime and leave management and employee self-help application. This seamless multi-location system is configurable to suit even most unique requirements and workflows.

Snehapadma CentralStation is a unified, multi-location, central monitoring system for physical access control (schedules, zones, anti-pass-back, minimum occupancy, escorts-visitor mangement), building management (fire alarm, smoke detectors, motion detectors etc) and emergency management.

Snehapadma Visitor Management System is a combination of Visitor Information System and Visitor Enrollment System, which keeps track of visitor’s information, belongings, time events he/she enters into campus till he/he exits. This system also alerts the security, if a visitor enters into prohibited area or spends more than allotted time into given area. Snehapadma VMS takes care of all security needs in terms of visitor management. Follow the feature list to know more about Snehapadma VMS.

Automates salary slip generation. Takes care of statutory issues like PF, ESIC, TDS, Form 16 of Income Tax. It includes compensation, tax management tools. Flexible system allows you to define your own allowance and deduction heads, and also the logic behind it.

Manages employee life cycle from recruitment to retirement. It consists of skill matrix, training, feedback and appraisal management. Lets HR focus more on pertinent issues like recruitment, employee motivation and retention by reducing mundane administrative work.

Avoid duplication in membership, and fast verification at the time of accessing service. Identity server manages identity over internet through scaleable identity service. Uses Windows OS at the Point of Service, though server can be Unix, Linux or Windows.

The Enterprise Single Sign-On provides mechanism for biometrics based authentication for the Microsoft's operating systems like Windows 2000, XP etc. This same authentication privileges are later used to authorize user for the desktop or web based Client Relation Management, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning and other applications.

Access documents only after giving the correct fingerprint. The document server stores, archives, versions documents and provide policy-based access to these documents. Integrates with Microsoft Office 2005.

Start your application at the touch of finger. On Windows XP and Windows 2000, use control panel feature that lets you launch your application only after user gives pre-registered fingerprint.

Integrates fire alarm system, emergency call points, hooters, sirens, smoke detectors into a unified system with Snehapadma CentralStation.

The Snehapadma Canteen Management system involves a kiosk which is authenticated by Visitor or Employee by Card or Fingerprint. This causes menu shown to the user. User selects the menu depending on business conditions set. The amount is deducted from Smart Card or back-end database for the menu he has chosen, or is simply recorded for future use. A receipt (or coupon) is printed than can be given to the caterer by employee to avail the services.