Attendance System

Use Biometric and or card based attendance system to reduce time spent in non-core activities by employee while increasing the productivity. Avoid buddy punching and encourage punctuality using this true-data system.

Snehapadma TimeOffice

Supports time events in/out, breaks, site travels and off site work. Has manpower planning, shift, overtime and leave management and employee self-help application and extensive reports. This seamless multi-location system is configurable to suit even most unique requirements and workflows. Please click on Snehapadma TimeOffice to know more of its features.

Attendance Terminal

Following units can be used with Snehapadma TimeOffice as attendance terminals.

Wiegand Readers

Following Wiegand Readers can be used with Snehapadma TimeOffice as Attendance terminals when used with Snehapadma CentralStation and HID NAS aka VertX and Edge Controllers


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