EdgePlus E400 82000

IP Intelligence at the Door Incorporating Any Reader in a Host System

The HID EdgePlus IP Access Solution puts control and host interface right at the door. The EdgePlus E400 is a true IP access solution that manages up to 44,000 cardholders or credentials in complete and full-featured host systems. And an EdgePlus can be placed anywhere at the door to address all security requirements. A fully integrated processor right at the door that's an ideal solution for retrofits or new installations, EdgePlus requires less wiring and uses standard CAT-5 or 6 cabling for both data and power.

With a separately connected reader, EdgePlus is a perfect solution for migrating existing reader installations to the "edge" of the network. Whether the enterprise is iCLASS®, Prox, FlexSmart®, FlexPass®, MIFARE®/DESFire®, CRESCENDO™ or Wiegand output reader, EdgePlus delivers Intelligence at the Door.

    • True Flexibility - Provides network connectivity for any existing or new Wiegand or compatible HID Clock and Data readers
    • Real Cost Savings - Network access is CAT-5 for communications and Power over Ethernet (PoE). Eliminates the need for separate power supplies and controllers
    • Established Open Architecture - Built on the HID OPIN™ platform and managed from a host application. Ideally suited for today's IT-centric security environments


    • Connects with and stores a complete access control and configuration database for one controlled door and 44,000 cardholders
    • 255 configurable priorities for supervised inputs/alarms
    • Compatible reader protocols includes all wiegand or HID formats up to 128 bits and iCLASS RS-232
    • Enables IP-based, two-way communication with iCLASS reader/writer, LCD keypad and biometric reader products
    • Built-in 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE), with 700mA available for external field devices
    • Accepts local connection option via laptop for diagnostics and configuration
    • Connects to host on the IP network
    • Controls and powers all access devices at the door
    • Buffers up to 5,000 transactions if communication is disrupted with host and uploads when network communications are restored
    • Controls and reports any passback (hard/soft/med)
    • RS-232 serial port for optional back-up via modem


    • Mounting Single-gang style electrical box
    • Dimensions 3.3" W x 4.8" H x 1.5" D (83.8 mm x 121.9 mm x 36.3 mm)
    • Weight 6.8 oz (.195 kg)
    • Style Attractive UL94 polycarbonate enclosure protects components from damage and all connections are fully identified by silk- screened nomenclature.
    • Card Data Formats Supports any card data format up to 128 bits
    • Hardware 32-bit RISC CPU, 100 MHz processor
    • Memory 8 MB onboard Flash memory; 32 MB SDRAM; 256K SRAM
    • Visual Indicators Two LEDs indicate power/network activity and device I/O activity.
    • Power Supply Requirements
      • 1 A @ 12-16 VDC maximum
      • Recommended: Power is supplied using the Power over Ethernet technology available with PoE (802.3af) enabled network devices.
      • Alternate: Supervised linear power supply with battery backup, input surge protection, and AC Fail and battery low contact outputs.
    • Relays can be configured to supply power as follows:
      • Available Power: The E400 is capable of supplying a total of 700 mA to field devices. This power may be shared between a reader and one or two additional field devices.
      • Unpowered, relay contacts are rated for 2 A @ 30 VDC
    • The EdgeReader is intended for use in indoor environments that comply with the following specifications:
      • Operating Temperature 32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C)
      • Operating Humidity 5% to 95% relative, non-condensing
    • Communication Ports
      • Ethernet – 10 or 100 Mbps
      • RS-232 – port for Modem or connectivity to other systems.
      • Reader - Wiegand, HID Clock and Data, or in iClass RS-232
    • Certifications UL 294 and UL 1076 Listed Component for the US pending, CSA 205 for Canada, FCC Class B Verification, EMC for Canada, EU (CE Mark), Australia (C-Tick Mark), New Zealand, Japan