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Snehapadma TimeOffice

Supports various time events mechanisms like in/out, break times, inter site travels and off site work. Time Office consists manpower planning, leave management, shift management, overtime management, reporting tool and employee self-help application. It is configurable to suit even most unique time office requirements and workflows. Seamless multi-location system.

Key features

  • Manpower planning
  • Understands all types of shift patterns e.g. weekly, tri-weekly, second or fourth Saturday etc
  • Configurable system to suit your business needs
  • Seamless multi-location system
  • Fast and scalable
  • Easy, interactive GUI
  • Client specific customization possible
  • Seamless multi-location system
  • Free software updates for one year
  • Can be integrated with Enterprise Single Sign-On
  • Supported Time Events
    • Default: In, Out, In/Out
    • Breaks: Break Out, Break In
    • Movements: Inter site travel begin, Inter site travel end, change of site without movement
    • Off site work: Off site work start, off site work end (automated in office, manual otherwise)

Manages workflows

  • HoD sactioning OT, permitting leave
  • Employee applying for OT, Leave; seeing relevant reports through Employee Self Help
  • HR managing master data and leave data

Powerful reporting tool

  • Filter employees by departments, customized lists
  • Weekly, monthly, daily reports
  • Reports: Attendance, Latemark, Summary, Employee Register, Muster roll